Kiel – Kalifornien, 19.5.22 (43 km)

After a wonderful breakfast in the hotel we set off to take the ferry across the Kieler Förde. In the morning three huge cruise ships had arrived, quite a sight! We saw two of them leave again from our room in the evening.

On our way along the coast we saw our first beaches with the typical Strandkörbe.


Also in Laboe, which is on the corner of the Kieler Förde to the Baltic sea proper, is a submarine museum and a memorial to navy people.

The bike path along the coast is great, very easy to cycle, and today we had what little wind there was behind us. Of course we also had to paddle in the sea, the white sandy beaches were just too inviting.

We are actually staying in hotel California in Kalifornien, which was only 28 km to cycle. I still seem not to be at full strength after Covid, so that was ok.

As the predicted thunderstorms seem to have been delayed we cycled into the Hinterland a bit, also to do some shopping. We took the opportunity to also explore the pier at Schönberger Strand.

The sunset after the thunderstorm was beautiful. We are so lucky to have a sea view from our room.

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