Großenbrode – Fehmarn – Großenbrode, 21.5.22 (73 km)

We are staying in the same accommodation another night and just planned to cycle around the island of Fehmarn in one day. Without luggage, that was actually noticeably easier.

The day started with quite a few blustery showers, we were wearing our waterproof jackets most of the day, just towards the end the weather brightened a bit on the southern part of the island.

All around the island there were many windsurfers, kite surfers, wake boarders, sailing boats, etc., and families flying kites. The water near the coast seems to vary from knee to hip deep, so excellent for people learning any of the water sports. It certainly was windy enough as well. There are camping sites all around as well, and they were very busy.

We did not follow the coastal route all the way, as we also wanted to have a look at Burg, very worth while – very pleasant high street.

Along the southern coast we had many spectacular views of the Fehmarnsund – bridge, which is a liste building.

What impresses me most : The island produces enough energy for all its own needs and exports quite a bit as well. This is achieved with windgenerators, solar and biogas.

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