Wismar – Warnemünde, 24.5.22 (92 km)

We had planned roughly 20 km less or today and/or to go a little further, but then human incompetence and too much reliance on electronic ‚helpers‘ struck… We had wondered, why we were cycling along main roads and where our views of the Baltic Sea had gone, but only when we were stuck in a gravel pit, did we really look at a map…. About 20 km and many unpleasant roads later we saw the first cyclists and knew we were on the Baltic Sea coastal bike route again. No pictures were taken on this bit, there was nothing worth taking pictures of.

Luckily, one of the first things we saw was a village museum with a bakery, that had its baking day! So we got our very nice and extremely fresh second breakfast (we ate stale bread and old cheese in the room in the morning, because breakfast in the hotel was too expensive in our opinion) in a very pleasant environment.

From here on the route was really nice again, you can see what advantages it has, to follow a touristy route in this area – the ‚Hinterland‘ we saw is devoid of niceties. Lunch was had at the little harbour/beach place of Rerik, when a message from my brother reached me, that my father said it was going to rain soon – two minutes later it started. So the next 1.5 hours we had some rain, which of course did not deter us.

From here on the coast has a string of very posh resorts, Kühlungsborn and Heiligendamm are even connected by an hourly steam train.

As we decided to head in the direction of Berlin from Rostock, this is the last night on the coast. We looked for a hotel in Warnemünde with a sea view and were rewarded with a spectacular sunset!

We loved the bit of the Baltic Sea coastal cycling route we saw, from Kiel to Warnemünde. Some bits were quite challenging cycling and there was more up-and-down than one would maybe expect for a coast. Another great advantage was, that there are public toilets all along, in fairly short distances from each other.

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