Inselsee – Waren (Müritz), 26.5.22 (81 km)

The area is rife with mosquitos, but we managed to keep them away from us by keeping the windows closed – did not improve the air quality in the room, though.

It is ascension day, or fathers‘ day, in Germany. In this area they call it ‚Herrentag‘ , which could be roughly translated as (gentle)men‘s day. In the pictures (link below) you will see some men in a kind of carriage being towed by a tractor, apparently the traditional way of celebrating – with lots of beer. When no tractor is at hand any kind of motorised bike, but especially motorbikes in any size, seem to be the way to go. During the day all the picnic places we wanted to have a break at were occupied by these drinking parties

It was an extremely windy day. We were lucky in several ways: we cycled mainly through the woods, so we heard the wind, but hardly felt it, and it was mainly a tailwind. When it came from the side keeping the bike under control was quite hard.

As we are going through the Mecklenburger Seenplatte (a kind of ‚lake district‘ of the North-East of Germany), we have still not left the water as a constant feature of our tour. I am still trying to eat as much local fish as possible – very nice.

On arrival in Waren (Müritz) there was a big fair, including ferris wheel and all kinds of unhealthy food. Only after having ‚dived in‘ did we realise it is the ‚Sail Müritz‘, which mainly consisted of this fair, and rich people sitting on their large boats along the promenade and looking down on the normal people.

As I still have not found a solution to integrate the pictures again, please see here for some impressions of the day:

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