Warnemünde – Inselsee, 25.5.22 (75 km)

After saying our farewell to the very orderly beach in Warnemünde by paddling in the Baltic Sea one last time, we set off for Rostock.

Unfortunately the way there was not very nice for cyclists, but the town itself is quite impressive. The spirit of the Hanse is still palatable.

It did not take too long to get out into the countryside of Mecklenburg. The route Berlin – Copenhagen is very well signposted, even in the opposite direction.

Our lunch-break in Schwaan was in a bit of an eccentric café, where we were told on entry that they did not have cake. Luckily their soup was delicious and filling.

On our way we saw several impressive brick churches, that apparently belong to the oldest of the country. Unfortunately we could not see the castle and grounds of Güstrow, as it is being renovated. It seems we did not want to be away from water – our hotel for the night is on lake Inselsee.

Unfortunately I have an issue with this WordPress site (not enough storage for all my pictured), so you might want to have a look here instead, for the time being: https://gopro.com/v/4yzqWW08M9aXn

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