Berlin – Ottobrunn, 28.5.22 (16km)

The hotel was skanky, but the location excellent. Lack of alternatives made us decide to return home today by regional trains, at best a 10 hour journey, but in our case (see below) a 14 hour journey. Anyway, it started at Banhhof Zoo, right next to our hotel.

We had at least four different trains to catch. The first and second ones were fine, but then there was not enough space for our bicycles on the train from Leipzig to Nürnberg. After a two-hour wait, we luckily managed to be first in line for the next train, which was also very full.

Luckily we had enough need for rest, reading material and people to watch to pass the time. The architecture of the Leipzig station and the sunset (see pictures in link) were also worth seeing. From Munich main station we then cycled home the last few kilometres, to get at least a bit of exercise.

All in all this was a brilliant holiday, very varied. We cycled through typical coastal weather, saw and learnt a lot about part of the German Baltic coast and the Mecklenburger Seenplatte (lake district of Mecklenburg), ate a lot of local fish (in my case) and just totally forgot about anything outside the daily impressions (apart form that one time when our son had locked himself out of the house at home).

Here is the customary link to the pictures: . The gpx tracks can be found on and, should anybody be interested.

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