Ottobrunn – Karlsruhe, 2.6.22 (30 km)

Learntec in Karlsruhe is an important fair for work, and this year I was allowed to go. Since the date was close to a long weekend (Whit Monday) and we can work from home anywhere in Germany, I decided to take my bike there by train and cycle back – any opportunity. Also the kilometers count for ‘Mit dem Rad zur Arbeit‘.

So I had to leave Ottobrunn at 4:45 (in the morning) to catch an early train. This time the train journey was very pleasant all the way, despite the expected chaos after the introduction of the €9-ticket. From the station in Karlsruhe to the fair was even signposted, and the last bit leads through greenery (the fair is a bit outside of Karlsruhe).

The fair itself was very useful and gave me new impulses for work. Unfortunately I could not take any of the interesting give-aways, as I did not want even more weight on the bike. I am staying in a Bett&Bike hotel, and used the opprtunity to walk around Karlsruhe in very pleasant weather in the evening.

As usual at the moment, the pictures can be found behind this link:

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