Bietigheim-Bissingen – Geislingen an der Steige, 4.6.22 (85 km)

While I was having breakfast it started raining, so I waited a bit before I left. Seemed to feel much better today – just as well, as I had to get from the Enz to the Neckar over some hills. Much better today than yesterday.

In the pictures, link below, you will see a water tower, something normally built on the highest point, and I was right next to it. The way down into Stuttgart was very interesting, past a lot of car selling places, through a beautiful park and then over the building site of the station.

Along the Neckar is very industrial in this part, the bike path basically goes through the Mercedes works. It stays fairly built up and industrial even along the Fils till about Göppingen – after that beautiful countryside.

The route took me through Landkreis Esslingen, which is twinned with my own Landkreis München. I am planning to come here again in early August, watch this space.

After some showers roundabout lunchtime, for which I sheltered, the weather significantly improved – so I decided to camp. Found a great little camp site in Geislingen an der Steige, extremely friendly. After I had set up my tent, Carlos, with a very similar bike to mine and general set – up, arrived and we ended up chatting about cycle – touring until the sun set. On my other side are a father and his (just) twelve year old son who had cycled 90 km and climbed over 1000 m – cudos!

Anyway, here the link again. There is one picture of a Hundertwasser – house in Plochingen: And here is the route, somehow the other ways of sharing are not working :

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