Geislingen an der Steige – Horgau, 5.6.22 (87 km)

My first proper night in the tent went well, the weather stayed good, I slept quite well (still need to work on the mattrass a bit) and woke up with sunrise (at about 5:15) – luckily! First thing I do in the morning? Check my phone of course, and currently mainly the weather forecast: quite bad storms predicted from 8:00 – 10:00 (they even made the national news, so they were bad!). So my job was to get up, organised, packed and on the road before that.

I left the campsite at 7:00 and found some breakfast at a Turkich bakery in Geislingen, the only place open that early on Whit Sunday morning (black tea without milk, need I say more). Set off again and got to just before the really steep bit (the place is not called ‘an der Steige’/’at the steep bit’ for nothing) when it suddenly got so dark, that I should really have putten lights on. Expecting the worst I headed for the nearest shelter, a flour mill, and stood under their yard roof. Three minutes later the heavens opened, there was thunder and lightning just above me. The heavy rain continued for about two hours.

The miller happened to be looking out of his window and spotted me. He was so nice, that he brought me a chair to sit on, very useful for the two hour wait! Then he suddenly appeared before me in his flash car and asked ‘Brezn or not?’ Well, who am I to say no to food. He sped off and about 15 mins later re-appeared and handed me a Brezn and a coffee from his car window and was gone again. Wow! Just like that!

I had been wondering what had happened to my fellow cycling campers, and just before the rain stopped father and son came to ‘my’ shelter, totally drenched. Apparently they managed to pack up before the storm hit, but Carlos was just getting up… Ah well, early rising does seem to have advantages.

The incline out of the valley was something else! The first time in ages I had to push some of the way. I get the impression that bike paths are only made with ebikes in mind these days. I kept an eye on the rain radar all day, had another break in a bus shelter for rain, during which I ate some of the first cherries of the year, that I had bought at a strawberry stand. Once I got wet, but not really, as it was so warm that the water evaporated as soon as it hit me or the road.

At about 16:30 I could hear thunder again, and the rain radar revealed another front coming my way. I had planned to reach Augsburg, but seeing and hearing the evidence I looked for a hotel, and was really lucky to find one quite quickly – had not seen any for many kilometers. As soon as I was settled in the room the heavy rain started again.

So apparently today I cycled over the Alb – not bad for somebody who avoids hills at all costs normally. The route was quite interesting, bits were rural, went through some nice places (Leipheim and Günzburg), and the last bit was through the Naturpark Augsburg forest – so a bit of everything. Pictures can be found here:

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