Horgau – Ottobrunn, 6.6.22 (102 km)

Had to leave the hotel before breakfast to cycle the 17 km to Augsburg main station, where I met up with Phil. He came to cycle the last day with me, which was really nice. On the way to Augsburg (so before breakfast!) the route took me over a hill which provided a really nice view over the city, the Bismarck tower only opened at 9:00, though.

I imagined the trip to Munich to be basically flat, but of course I was wrong. We encountered the only percentage-signs on the trip: 13% up to Friedberg and another 8% later on. I did not even have to go down to my lowest gear for Friedberg, and it felt like earlier climbs I actually cycled were steeper, just without (warning) sign. So I feel a little proud and really pleased with my bike! And I think Covid is finally over for me.

Despite it looking threatening a couple of times we did not get wet. Although we know the area around Munich quite well, the route in was mainly new to us roughly until the Botanical gardens. We found a nice Italian to have lunch at on the shores of lake Olching.

Cycling through Munich was a nightmare, as usual. Cyclists, pedestrians and care drivers suddenly changing their minds without indicating, not adhering to the rules of the road, etc. – ah well, what’s new. A friend warned us, that the S-Bahn was not runnning, but by that time we were already committed to cycle all the way. My first ‘hundred’ this year!

Here are the pictures of the day – I do not seem to take as many, when Phil is with me. More ‘pressure’ to actually cycle ?! https://gopro.com/v/rDzMqM5ODmWzd

I enjoyed my business trip more than usual, cycling home was definitely a good idea. Every time I learn a lot about the country and areas I go through, and this time I met really nice people as well. Still a few things to tweek before I am off on my sabbatical, but the main things are working.

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