Timmendorfer Strand – Wismar, 23.5.22 (69 km)

After a morning swim in the hotel pool (good for the muscles and shoulders) we had the best weather so far with bright blue skies and good view, although the headwind was quite strong. Also the route today was mainly away from car traffic, and we got to see views that car-drivers can never enjoy.

The first bit from Timmendorfer Strand to Travemünde was technically quite challenging. Up and down on gravel, right next to the sandy cliffs, with dog-walkers and e-bikers also claiming their bit of the path.

Travemünde had the most modern beach front, not much character, yet. We took the ferry across the Trave to Priwall peninsula, at the end of which Mecklenburg-Vorpommern starts. This is where the former inner-German border was. A lot of that history is explained on boards along the way – I keep being shocked at what the GDR-government did to its people.

From now on the coast, and therefore the coastal path we were following, is very hilly. There were also less people than before, and we only saw one woman on a non-e-bike, and she was pushing her bike up a hill.

Boltenhagen was our first resort in Mecklenburg, very pleasant. The green drink in the picture is Fassbrause Waldmeister.

We are staying right in the market place in Wismar, which is a UNICEF world heritage site. It was very interesting to me to see all the buildings form the time of the Hanse, although a lot of them had been re-built after the war. As it was Monday night, a small group of ‚Querdenker‘ congregated on the market, which we only realised because of the police presence.

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