Cursdorf – Kronach, 54km

After the amazing wedding we started back South today, but on a different route than on the way here. We climbed about 400m in altitude, including some steep bits, before we could slowly descend. From Cursdorf to Neuhaus am Rennweg we followed the old post road. The houses around here are all covered in slate, some with very interesting decorations.

Soon after we followed the Rennsteig for a while, very taxing on the bike, I was very pleased I was on the mountain bike!

The views are stunning!

I don’t think I have ever braked as much as on the way down to Kalte Küche, a steep loose slate path, it seemed quite dangerous. But from there on it was very pleasant, quite a gradual descent on good roads, partly even though a nature area along the Hasslach. We were in and out of Bavaria and Thuringia, but also saw the official border till 1989.

The road to Kronach was then easy, just as well at these temperatures.

Kronach itself is beautiful, full of history. We spent the afternoon exploring Burg Rosenberg, stunning.

Our hotel gave us a room with airconditioning. Normally I am not a fan, but today I was grateful.

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