Nabburg – Burglengenfeld, 52km

Coming down from Nabburg we continued following the Naab, quite a pleasant route. We had our first break in Schwandorf, this years cultural capital of the Bavarian – Bohemian Region.

There we found out that one is allowed to swim in the Steinberger See. So on a whim we decided to cycle there, it was so refreshing! We had our own little entrance.

Phil particularly liked the giant wooden sphere for tourists, but was too mean to pay Eur 11 for it.

We needed some lunch after, but didn’t fancy queuing with all the car tourists, but the only other place nearby was apparently closed. Tough luck, that the locals were sitting in the beer garden, and they didn’t know who they were dealing with ­čśë we ended up getting a Brotzeit – definitely not for vegetarians!

We managed to find a nice route to Burglengenfeld through the woods around here, which are really extremely dry.

One of the things we found out today is that the Oberpf├Ąlzer Seenplatte is all a former open cast mining area otherwise the lakes would not be here. We also passed quite closely to Wackersdorf, which is well known for a lot of protests in the 1980s.

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