(Ottobrunn) Sauerlach – Baierbrunn, 50km

Today is my uncle’s 70th birthday, which we unfortunately cannot celebrate with him in Hamm. Instead we are cycling along the borders of Landkreis München, which has proven very interesting.

As we left off at Sauerlach yesterday, we first cycled across to Unterhaching to be on the correct S-Bahn-line for Sauerlach. We started by cycling South along the tracks, and then went through Arget on our way West. I had not realised how pretty Arget is!

Incidentally we also went past the chapel of St. Corona, which was a pilgrimage site long ago. Now it stands fairly forlorn in the middle of the forest.

There are quite a few ‘Keltenschanzen’ (rectangular enclosure) in this area of the Landkreis, several of which we saw today. All in all it is very pretty, undulating countryside with hamlets strewn all over, very pleasant for cycling. We also went to the Deineinger Weiher, a pond/little lake, which lies in a dip, which you can only get out of by cycling up a 12% incline! I actually made it 🙂

Today we also had to cross the Isar again, which we did at Schäftlarn. The abbey at Schäftlarn is spectacular, and we took the opportunity to have our lunch there. Difficult decision, as we knew we had to cycle up the embankment again with a full belly, but again we made it.

Following the border closely is not always easy, as you will see from our route today. In the end we made it to Baierbrunn, from where we could take the S-Bahn back to Ottobrunn. As we are only allowed to take bikes on the S-Bahn at certain times, we do not have that long to cycle in between. We also need to make sure we end our day at a convenient location, therefore today was not such a long stretch.

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