Ottobrunn – Dachau – Garching – Ottobrunn, 76km, (14.8.21)

I had two political events to go to in the North of our Landkreis, it was supposed to be dry weather, so I thought I’d cycle…. I had not reckoned on the heat, though…

The Green Kreistagsfraktion had organised a guided tour round an organic farm in Dachau, which is just over 30 km from Ottobrunn, but straight through Munich. Cycling through the city was surprisingly ok early in the morning, and once I was on the ‘other side’ of Munich (for me) I discovered areas I had not been to yet – quite interesting. Especially the last bit through the Schwarzhölzl was nice and cool.

The tour round the organic farm was very interesting, I learned a lot about anthroposophic attitudes. A press release is to follow, so I am not allowed to post any pictures here apart from this sunflower.

The guided tour lasted about one hour longer than planned, so I had to rush to get across to Garching to a bike tour organised by the local Greens there.

Ten of us gathered and cycled, despite the heat, that by then was too much to my liking – maybe also, because I had had no time to eat or drink in between. Good, very mixed, group of people, of which I learnt a lot of Garching particulars. The Schleißheim canal, for example, was built for pleasurable punting for the inhabitants of the Oberschleißheim palace – nowadays it is beautiful to cycle along.

We also heard about the history of the heath area to the South of Garching. The group continued on, but I bailed at the Southernmost point of the tour to head home. I did not enjoy my trip back through town as much – the heat was getting to me majorly.

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