Vijfhuizen – Wageningen, 99 km, (4.10.91)

Didn’t quite make the 100km, but am tired. The weather was good, it remained sunny and quite warm all day, but the headwind was also quite strong.

Really pleased that my brother Robin cycled with me to Utrecht, so the first 50 km! Not bad for somebody who has not been cycling much recently ­čśë He wanted to go fast on his racing bike, but then of course there was I on my ‘Unimog’ of bikes – ah well.

All the way to Utrecht we had the flat Dutch landscape I love. We cycled along water a lot, saw many birds, quite a few windmills – all in all quite typical Dutch.

As it was Monday morning no caf├ęs were open, so we had our first break after 40 km. This is when I found out how ill-prepared Robin was: no water, no food, no lock – just as well that big sister had everything, including stroopwafels.

Cycling through Utrecht was more pleasant than I had expected, and easier than any other major town/city that I have cycled through in the last 30 years or so: the bike paths were broad, cycling traffic had the right of way almost everywhere, the traffic lights have a waiting-time indication, the direction signs are good.

After the big city came the national park of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. I must admit the name made me worry about hills, but in general it was easier cycling than even the Dunes on the coast – and absolutely beautiful through the woods and forests! Another advantage: the wind was less noticeable.

I started looking for a hotel after about 85 km. Unfortunately the first one I tried was booked out, so I continued off my planned route to Wageningen, a very studenty town. Unfortunately the service and general standards in this hotel are lacking, but it will do for a night.

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