Kalifornien – Großenbrode, 20.5.22 (74km)

The morning started really well, the path was good, there were very few cyclists, we had the wind supporting us and the countryside was very varied. The white sandy beaches of yesterday had turned into more stoney beaches, therefore apparently not as interesting for tourists. We cycled through quite a few nature reserves, as well as past more military areas. Practically that meant, that we could not always see the sea.

It also meant, that we did not find many cafés or restaurants for breaks. Lunch was at a Greek place in Oldenburg in Holstein, not to be confused with the better known Oldenburg in Oldenburg (Niedersachsen).

We had an ice-cream break in the holiday resort of Heiligenhafen, which is a high—rise block conglomeration with 1700 flats – quite impressive (not only in a positive way). The old place of Heiligenhafen on the other hand is quite nice.

The last bit of cycling to Großenbrode I found very strenuous, I can still feel the (after-)effects of Covid. Our hotel room for the next two nights partially made up for this, though. It is large, light, clean. We have cooking facilities, which we used straight away to make proper tea, and pasta for our evening meal. The bikes are on the terrace, so safe from the storm that came in the late evening/night.

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