Waren (Müritz) – Fürstenberg – Berlin, 27.5.22 (99 km)

After an excellent breakfast, of which we had several during this trip, we started cycling into and around the Müritz national park. Very green, quite interesting, and today extremely windy. Again luckily again we had mainly tail winds or from the side, which was strenuous enough. Also it was much more undulating than I had expected of the ‚Norddeutsche Tiefebene‘ (Northern German flatlands), we climbed about 500 m throughout the day.

My digitally downloaded route and the one signposted did not always converge, but we found our way. Our first break was at the café of the Schliemann museum, lunch was at a fish-snack-stop that was also frequented by canoeists. This happened to coincide with our first rain shower of the day – luckily we could shelter. The second shower got us really wet, but the wind dried us out quickly. During the first hail shower we were in a café in Wesenberg, a bit of luck is needed on days like today.

From Wesenberg on we looked for accommodation, our aim was to find something at the latest in Fürstenberg. Ah well, absolutely nothing to be had, as we later found out nothing to be had in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg or Berlin! So after 91 km we did not know, what to do.

Int he end we took the train to Berlin. We thought we would have several options from there. Taking the train straight back to Munich that evening/night was not possible due to no bicycle places being available till our booked train on Monday. Finding a hotel room was a nightmare. In the end we bit the bullet and paid more that three times as much as we had so far for a skanky place without breakfast. The receptionist even told us to take the bikes into the room, which did not prove easy, but was possible.

Again, the pictures under the following link give a bit of an impression of our day: https://gopro.com/v/4yzXgL9GGwKrX

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