Karlsruhe – Bietigheim-Bissingen, 3.6.22 (91km)

After I had finished the meetings with work I set off a bit later than ususal, but in best weather. According to the rough route I had I was aiming for Stuttgart. I had even looked at where there is a campsite there. The route involved a bit of climbing, but in principle I am not afraid of that so much anymore. Ah well.

Started off well, but it got hotter and the air felt that a thunderstorm was going to burst any minute from about lunchtime on. In the end it never did, and I did not even get wet, partly due to well timed cake breaks. But I seemed to have become more sensitive to weather since my Covid-infection, so I found it very hard going. I was going up slight inclines in my second lowest gear. So that was one of the reasons that I decided to follow the Enz from Pforzheim, a river going vaguely East. I ended up a bit North of Stuttgart, but at least the cycling was not quite so strenuous, and mainly off road on nice bike paths – well, apart from construction works that meant they led us cyclists up into the hills for a while.

I learnt that Karlsruhe and Pforzheim are in Baden, and entered Württemberg somehwere along the Enz. I liked that some of the places take cycling seriously, they even have town/village signs on the bike paths. I am also very much in a wine-growing area now.

Despite the weather I kept a look out for camp-sites, but there seem to be none in the area. Then I also got a thunderstorm warning on my app, so looked for a hotel room – not very easy around here, either. As I am on my own I managed to find something in the end. I did more than 700 m climbing, although I avoided a lot.

Still working on a solution for this blog, so the pictures can be seen here: https://gopro.com/v/dMEwRzbB2QQJd

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